I read something in one of my sketchbooks that interested me, 'the way we comprehend space'. I am fascinated to come upon fragments of ideas. The comprehension of space is an idea I am only understanding now. I recall years and years ago noticing depth of space when walking and arriving, the way space changes as we move. For me it is the combination of motion and stillness that captures the essence of experience. As objects come to rest it is delightful to recognize compositions. If I were to say what it is that art is, certainly it is the way we recognize experience and construct  ideas.

My imagery has something to do with the western states, design and everyday experience. I also am influenced by many of the artists of the early modern period in places such as Montmartre and New York. The fantasy of cafes and artistic establishments captures my interest as does the everyday accumulation on a desktop at home or a random image. I found some watercolors in a box in the attic. The first painting is about 5x5 inches and completed in 1997. I had a studio overlooking an area frequented by many passers-by in Berkeley. Two guys stopped during a downpour to sit on an abandoned couch. The travails of life, people, weather, and furniture such as a couch have interested me for a long time. The next two paintings are from 1999. Each painting represents a sense of the layout of a house where my wife and I lived.

Untitled by Drew Burgess 1997
Untitled by Drew Burgess 2000
Untitled by Drew Burgess 1999